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Weight Loss

How many times have you said "I need to lose weight but nothing seems to work?" You hate how you look which makes you more depressed, lowers your self-esteem, and negatively affects your relationships. You've tried every fad diet in the world and if you lost weight, it quickly returns once the diet ends. If you're like most, you probably even gained back more weight than what you started at.

It's time to take control of your weight and your life! At Body By Design, a Certified Nurse Practitioner with 20 years experience will provide a free consult to assess your health, medical conditions, and medications. Treatment options include prescription medications (phentermine), diet modification, and exercise consultations. 

The program’s foundation is built on behavioral and lifestyle modification with a medical “jumpstart”. Body by Design's weight loss program is medically supervised and consists of weekly visits with the Certified Nurse Practitioner. Realistic weight loss is 20-50 pounds in a 12-16 week session, depending on how much exercise is done. Don't waste another day, call for an appointment for the best weight loss method.

When you decide that you want to take that weight off and, more importantly, keep it off, doesn't it make sense to do it with a medical provider? What you will get when you decide to use the program:

  • Balance education, appetite management, and activity to lose weight.

  • Learn strategies to keep weight off using real food.

  • Learn that this is not a quick fix. This is a lifestyle change.

Get off the weight roller coaster!

Call Body By Design today for your free consult at (605) 725-4223.


Come in for a free consultation! Total investment for 4 months is $625 plus the cost of the medicine (approximately $25/month.) 

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